J & L Shore Properties was created to fill a gap in the home investment arena. As industry professionals – Joe Lewinski, proprietor of JML Home Remodeling – recognized that many homes being bought and remodeled for resale (aka “flipped) often put form over function, and too frequently completed by individuals without any particular expertise, experience or licensing in home remodeling.  This results in several issues for home buyers. including not only potential lack of quality work, but the realization after moving in that things like ample cabinet, closet and storage space, or even light switch placement are typically not given consideration. (Who wants to walk across the house in the dark to go to sleep because somebody didn’t think to put an additional switch closer to the bedrooms?)

Joe  has combined their individual experience and expertise to design homes with the home buyer in mind.  They are committed to:

  • Professional Workmanship with an eye on detail
  • Thoughtful and Functional Design
  • Quality Products and Fixtures from reliable brands, with high consumer ratings
  • Completeness – We do not believe you should have to hire a handyman or buy an appliance the day you move in. Our homes will be supplied with:
  • Full appliance packages
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Recessed lighting in bedrooms as well as living space